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Got some questions on air duct maintenance? Get the answers and more here. Are you wondering whether you can really check the level of contamination in the home air? Read about it and learn about the usual allergic symptoms.

What are the usual symptoms of allergies?

Dirty air ducts may attack the respiratory system, so if you have breathing problems and feel that your home is extremely dusty, proceed with air duct cleaning. Your eyes may get red while the HVAC unit is in operation and you'll probably cough and sneeze. Clean the ducts and proceed with HVAC unit cleaning, too.

Is air quality testing helpful?

The truth is that people cannot know for sure the extent of filthiness in the air ducts and air quality testing will at least give them some idea about the level of contamination within their home. This way, you will know whether air duct cleaning is absolutely necessary according to the specialists of Air Duct Cleaning La Mirada

Should I have my air duct cleaned?

All air ducts would eventually have to go through air duct cleaning, as there is no perfect system that doesn’t gather dust and dirt. If your air duct has never been serviced, do a visual check if layers of dust have accumulated. Our experts also suggest checking for signs of mold and foul odors that are signs of bacteria.

When is emergency air duct cleaning necessary?

One common example is pest infestation. Pests can leave all kinds of contaminants inside HVAC ducts and most are very dangerous for people and pets alike. Furthermore, the contaminants damage the ducts themselves, rather seriously. For these reasons, they have to be removed along with the pests. If any damage was done by them, the ducts will have to be repaired as soon as possible.

How do I protect the HVAC air ducts from contaminating during home repairs?

Start by closing the registers in the room where you will be making the repairs. You can also use specially designed covers. Ensure that they fit firmly. You may want to secure them with a tape for optimal results. At the same time, you should have the rest of the registers working normally. Avoid closing more than 20% of them at any given time. Clean the room fully before opening the registers again.


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