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HVAC Unit Cleaning

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Dust and dirt are the bane of a ventilation system, and can be especially destructive when they build up inside the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit. Our team provides expert cleaning, filter replacement and grille maintenance services that will keep dirt from bringing your system down.HVAC Unit Cleaning

What Is The HVAC Unit?

The HVAC unit is a large, usually box-shaped, machine at the center of your ventilation system. You can usually find it on the roof of your building, or mounted on one of the outer walls. The HVAC uses electrical energy to heat or cool the air before it can be piped through the ducts around your property. In doing so, it's exposed to a lot of dust and pollution. The more you have it running, the faster the dirt is likely to accumulate inside the machine.

Filter Cleaning & Replacement

Each HVAC unit contains a series of filters that keep dirt out of the delicate machine parts, and prevent it from being flushed around your home through the ventilation ducts. Over time, these filters get full and clogged with dirt, meaning the HVAC needs to work harder and harder to bring the air through. Eventually dust will start making it inside as well. Period cleaning or replacement of the filters is vital for keeping your HVAC working properly.

Don’t Forget The Grilles

The grilles that separate the ducts can also become clogged with dirt or dust that makes it through the filter and this obstruction can overtax and overheat the HVAC in the same way. Just like the filters, grilles need periodic cleaning, which our team is happy to provide.

Better Cleaning Than Fixing

If your HVAC unit breaks down, having it fixed or replaced can be a long, expensive process that leaves you without any air conditioning at all until its finished. Its better to keep dirt and obstructions from ever building up in the first place; some periodic cleaning is all it takes to ensure your HVAC unit stays functional for years to come. As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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HVAC unit cleaning and filter replacement are just some of the services our company provides. If you have any concerns about your ventilation system, or just want to ensure it's in good shape for the coming summer or winter, give us a call right now.

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